Where’s the Fun at?

*Contented Sigh*

I’m off shift work.


I’m back to 8 hours a day (not including my 2 hour commute), 5 days a week, and I’m HAPPY. So frikkin happy about it I could scream, but I don’t think my office mates would like that very much.

I’m also moved to a new position. I’m not doing very much at the moment and haven’t been given any direction, but that is okay for now. I’m ALRIGHT with that. I’m enjoying the down time. Enjoying the fact that I think this job is going to be awesome once things start rolling.

So. Now that I’m normal again, what do I do?

I need to really evaluate where I want my life to go from now. I mean I have been stuck doing shift work for 5 years. FIVE YEARS, PEOPLE!  I have had zero social life. I don’t know if half my friends know if I’m still alive. I have no extra curriculars – AT ALL – and that has to change NOW.

So I have absolutely BOOKED myself SOLID for the next 6 weeks. I’m serious. Every weekend I have something going down and I LOVE IT. I’m going to catch up with friends. I’m going to get closer with aquaintances that I want to cultivate friendships with (you know, those friendships where you can call your friend to hang out and watch movies at home or drop by for a cuppa with no prior phone call; know their schedule inside and out). I want to ENGAGE in life.

I’m also going to get to those things that I’ve been putting off FOREVER. Like putting up that damn curtain rod in my bedroom; finish spackling the bathroom and get the room painted; cleaning out my office so it can function as a craft room.


My energy level has spiked like you wouldn’t believe.

Gym in the mornings – here I come! Karate class; belly dancing; YOGA.

Watch out FUN here I come!!!!!

Unicorns, Rainbows, and Pee

Me: It’s Saturday and I’m at work.

She: You’re at work? That’s unreasonable.


She: So, tell me a story.

Me: Well, there was this Unicorn that could pee rainbows. It was his job to make rainbows during sun storms, but he was always scared that people would see his pee-wee because of the sun, so he would turn a little bit to one side when peeing. That’s why sometimes you only see a quarter or half a rainbow.

Me: Those days when he is in a REALLY good mood, or when the sun is shining in just the right way, he’ll pee straight and free and then you see a full stream of rainbow!

She: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

She: Brilliant!!!!

She: I love you.

Me: I know.

My Secret Shame – Oh And The Hobbit

I’m a reader. A BIG reader. I read a LOT. My husband often tells me I go into a reading coma once in a while. It’s my relaxation time; my stress relief; most times it’s my escape from reality and all those annoying adult things that come with being 30-something. I make a little cocoon on my couch with my favorite lap blanket, empty mugs with dried tea bags, stacks of empty plates, and all my spare time is spent cuddled in that space until the reading impulse is relieved. It’s almost obsessive-compulsive. I can’t stop until the criteria is satisfied. And then, when I’m done, I’ll put down my books for weeks, or even months, until the next compulsion.

But I have a secret shame – and the fact that I give up life-as-I-know-it to read is not shameful in my book.
My shame is more dreadful. More toxic. More unbelievable.

*Covers head with lap blanket and peeks out of small hole*

I read ahead.

I know what you are yelling at me.

How can you enjoy the flow of a book if you read ahead? Doesn’t it ruin the anticipatory effect of a good book? You’re supposed to savor!!!

I know the arguments. I know the issues.

It gets worse.

Sometimes I flip ahead…and then DON’T FINISH THE BOOK. *Hangs head in abject shame*

My reading compulsion is impatient – particularly for a new story. I WANT to know if Ben and Julie finally get together. I WANT to know if my suspicions are right and Zachary is the bad guy. And I want to know NOW. At this very second. NOW and damn all the consequences!

It’s a terrible but hard truth about myself. I don’t LIKE that I do it and I know it’s a character flaw. But it happens. And I never used to do it as a kid (although as a kid I had the luxury of reading myself out of the coma in a 24hr period – no obligations to deal with; being an adult sucks!). That’s why I enjoy comic books. You can’t jump ahead until the next issue is out. Sigh.

So now you know my dirty secret.

But, do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to better myself. I’m going to build patience. I’m going to be a better reader, Dammit! And this is how I’m going to do it.

Wish me luck! Or better yet, join me and cheer me on.

Life is a Box of Chocolates

You damn well don’t know what you’re going to get. Unless you check that little legend thing that comes inside the box. Then you know exactly what you’re going to get. An ooey gooey dark chocolate dream with orange filling….*does a Homer drool*

So life. Yeah life; that was what I was going to talk about. No rants, I swear. No bad news. No good news. Well okay maybe a little bit of both in a small measure – lets say a teaspoon full – but in all, this is just an update blogosphere (or the 2 of you that read this blog). So here is a list of things you probably should (or would like) to know:

1. I’m married. Happened a while ago.

Actually almost a year ago.

Wow, I’m totally slack. Yeah, so I’m married to Mac now and we’ll actually be celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the beginning of October.  We’re going on a second honeymoon. No Italy this time (oh yeah, so I went to Italy…); we’re heading out to Orlando. And you know what that means!

NO, not hurricanes – DISNEY WORLD! WOOT WOOT!

This will be the first time either of us has visited Disney. It’s going to be AWESOME.

2. I have started a new job. Still working shift work (boo), still living in the Maritimes (yay!), I’m enjoying the new position (yay!), but it’s only casual (boo!). Things have been brewing around here though so this may change. For now I’m just trying to do a good job, keep my head up, and just keep working.

“Just keep working, just keep working, just keep working!” a-la Dorey-fish-like music.

3. I have tried and failed at my Happiness Project SEVERAL times. Mostly because I’m working retarded hours at the moment and really have no TIME to do the things I’ve laid out for myself. On that note, I’ve had a thought. Perhaps I should re-visit my lists and try to think of what I CAN achieve while working 60 hours a week and only having one day off (oh yeah, did I mention that is my normal shift?).

4. I have actually started Judo. Whether or not that lasts will depend on  my newest shift which is 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, with one day off…hopefully this wont last long.

5. Did I mention I’m leaving for Orlando in little over a week?

So that’s that. Updated people. I really am going to try and do this whole blogging thing more often. It’s on they Happiness Project list I swear.

Peace out.

The worst feeling

I think the worst thing about my life at the moment is the realization that the time spent inactive could be so much better utilized. I could be so much better utilized! I have skills that people can use to better things around here and it’s just wasted…and I end up being bored. That is the worst. Being bored and knowing that there really isn’t anything you can do at the moment. Being a self starter and a motivated worker, being bored with no other tasks available is the worst feeling in the world and so demoralizing. I’ll be glad to be moving on to my next assignment; this one has been draining.

The Path Unknown

Uncertainty and expectations
Culminating into intenseness
Unsure of life’s path
Yet undeniably calm
With boughts of frenzy
Unwanted optimism
When life warrants
Melancholy Devine
Surprisingly excited
With the edges tinged
With fear Absolute

The path unknown
The rocks sharp and poignant
Every step is unclear
Yet in the moment
Life’s clarity sharpened
By barely contained despair
Yet happiness bubbles up
From diligent pursuit

The path unknown
But well trod
Let go of expectations
Only brewing acceptance
Growing germ of excitement
And the fresh possibility